Our Story

  • 60 min Documentary

• A documentary about how our society is in crisis focusing on current events and an emphasis on how children are traumatized. Sharing the stories of others and how it affected their families and their children. Taking a glimpse locally and globally of the healthcare issues of children, while we focus on the families becoming separated by the system. Testimonies and Data. Taking a look into the Family Court system breakdown and how cities differ. Looking at the issues police and community face with children and family issues. The ripple effects of traumatized children and what schools are doing to create change. We will take a deeper look into the community and discover what is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how it effects children’s health.  We will look into the reasons why society and our world is in crisis.  We must look at why the mindset has become the normal to create the destruction of children and families. Interviews with therapists, doctors, educators, community leaders and more. What can we all do to break the cycle and create the change to build stronger brains and better health for children to be part of the solution to solve the crisis?

• Benefits several charities that help educate, train and bring awareness to stop children from abuse and parental alienation. National and Global charitable partnerships, starting with Dr. Novick and his team with Cardiac-Alliance who is committed to bringing sustainable health care solutions to children with cardiac disease in the Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).  We are focusing locally on Rotary Family Youth Initiative (R-FYI), whose mission is to develop Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Aware and Trauma Responsive Communities. Helping the community to understand and effectively respond to The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) to help build stronger brains for our youth and community.  Bringing Awareness to Child and Human Trafficking and the Global need for healthcare and education.  (Please see our Charities page for more information). 

Our film is partnered with Glass House Distribution Film Company, an international distribution company specializing in feature films and television.