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During Black History Month, many topics of racism, and the history between community and police is recognized — A radio interview memory has popped up, that I felt was a positive, to be shared again. To have the continued discussions needed today, to educate on the proper healing and what action is needed to be in place, as well as, in search for the needed solutions and change from all parties.

See the facebook link below from several years ago —(and link to the documentary that can be shared.

We must have the hard discussions to get through to the solutions.

Talking about racism, media, politics , religion, mental illness and issues between community and police.

We must talk about history , learn and listen to all sides to have the discussions for change. What happen on Shannon Street on January 11, 1983 is part of history , the same thing that we see right now that is very similar— if you listen, to understand the whole dynamic , we can learn from this tragedy, as a whole , to learn , to heal , cope and to then create the solutions needed , logically , by having the knowledge , understanding and the educated discussions for the changes needed.  This is why learning from our history is needed.

We did a radio interview on BOTT radio , one of largest Christian radio platforms in the mid-south …

I am personally, purpose driven, so with the films and projects that I undertake, I feel, with being in media , we have the duty to create the change needed to inform and educate public the right way.

To allow all sides to have a voice, and allow public to have a full understanding overall, so we then have a better understanding of our worldly issues to address the changes needed.

We can all agree to disagree, we can all make mistakes , but it is our duty to be the vehicles of change. We are all here for a purpose, to learn, to serve and to grow as a whole —

MVP3 is about films, music and community. To watch the documentary that my company produced on this subject , you can stream from amazon Prime https://www.amazon.com/Shannon-Street-Echoes-Under-Blood/dp/B07995B8QM ( your purchase will give back to NAMI -national alliance for metal illness and National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund )

Please see the interview on BOTT radio by clicking this link:

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Marie Pizano