The producers and the filmmakers of this documentary and project wish to thank everyone who sponsors our mission to educate and pass laws to create the change needed to save children and families. It is our mission to create films with a purpose. With this film, we will raise awareness, educate and help spearhead to change laws and add new laws to create the change needed within family law. Our mission is to be part of the solution in helping families thrive while divorcing and put an end to the unethical practices that occur within family law that harms families financially, emotionally and leads to the ripple effect of harming our entire economy.

Not only will we produce a quality film to educate society to distribute domestically and globally, part of the sponsorships that we raise will be applied to start the next phase of legislation to lobby towards creating the necessary laws needed to change the way family law operates. We also must expose the unethical legal practices that have been occurring and adjust the way fees and timelines are handled during divorce. We must educate the public on their rights and bring light to the outlets that are available for the public to obtain help and report unethical practices. We wish to mandate family attorneys and those within the system become educated in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Many families have been financially harmed and devastated during a divorce. The massive fees and the ongoing unethical practices have been allowed to take place for to long. We must change these laws to become more adapt to the times and start demanding these unethical practices to end. The more we educate and bring attention to these issues, the sooner we can heal our communities, society and world as a whole.

We must educate the public on their rights and understand the laws but most attorneys are not implementing the laws already mandated. We need to create this change and must stop the ongoing parental alienation that occurs during this process. The traumas on children are horrific and lead to many unhealthy children becoming unhealthy adults. We must be part of the solution to end the many of the harmful ripple effects that this creates within families and our society. Our economy is harmed when families are separated and divided and the emotional trauma leads to overwhelming numbers of children in juvenile court and the health is harmed in children and their parents. Divorce doesn’t have to be this way, it does not have to have a lasting traumatic effect. We must put an end to all of this! We must put an end to the unhealthy and unethical practices occurring within family law and find better solutions on how to help families thrive! For more information on the previous parenting law that we spearheaded to amend and mandate, which officially was signed by State of Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee, and now is in effect please see https://tntribune.com/amended-law-mandates-parenting-class-and-video-before-couples-divorce/

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House 2588 Bill that was spearheaded by Marie Pizano, state reps and senators of Tennessee along with Legacy of Legends CDC to amend the “parenting class” that is mandated for parents who are divorcing to now mandate they also must have education on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).