Versatile actor Alfonso Freeman has been in the entertainment business for over thirty years, after being laid off from his job as a computer operator for an aerospace company.  As he recounts, “The next day I looked in a mirror, pointed at myself, and declared, ‘You’re an actor!’, and thus began a career marked with all of the normal dues paying and successes that most actors experience.




In 1993 opportunity first knocked for Alfonso when he auditioned for and won a small role in the classic film, The Shawshank Redemption.  The memorable one-liner whet his appetite for even more, and more is what he got.  Since then he has worked in a number of films – three more of which were alongside his father, Morgan, including a touching hospital scene in The Bucket List.  He had a starring role in the cult film, Ten ‘til Noon playing the vicious hitman, “Mr. Jay”, as well as prominent roles in a number of other successful independent features.  Alfonso has also had guest starring roles in many hit television shows such as The Practice, The West Wing, ER, Providence, J.A.G, Southland and Dark Blue to name a few.  His stage credits include The Boys Next Door, Zoo Story, Guys and Dolls, H.M.S. Pinafore, Man of La Mancha, Follies, and a powerful turn as the tortured Moor in St. Louis Shakespear’s Othello.


Alfonso, is a noted voiceover artist, having voiced a number of commercials and video games.  He is also an award-winning singer and musician, having been featured in many films and television shows.  Alfonso continues to spend considerable time studying his craft, as well as teaching voice, diction, scene study, and voiceover.  His efforts have paid off with a career that, unlike many below-the-line actors, allows him to earn a living, and to assist others in making their careers successful.  Alfonso, “Fonz” as he is known to friends, is a good-natured, accomplished, and consummate professional, whose credits continue to open doors in all aspects of the entertainment industry.